Used Cooking Oil Collections

We provide a used oil collection service to food outlets, catering facilities and food processors. Containers are provided free of charge and collections can be on a regular basis or on request.

  • If you produce waste cooking oil as a part of your catering business, (for example as a chip shop or other take away outlet or restaurant), then you must ensure that it is stored properly, that none is allowed to spill and that it is collected by an authorised collector who will take your waste to an authorised site for recovery or disposal. (Defra`s Used Cooking Oil Disposal Leaflet)
  • Our collection service is fully compliant with Waste Management legislation, and is fully traceable from collection through to end-product use.
  • All oils and fats collected from catering establishments by JWarrenABP are used for the production of renewable bio-fuels.


To discuss your used oil collection needs or to organise a collection please contact us on 01388 488225 / 488215.