The collection and disposal of animal by-products (including used Cooking Oils and Food Waste) in England is authorised and controlled under the EU Animal By-Products Regulations 1774/2002. Defra`s Animal By-Product Regulations


After the 31st October 2004 anyone using waste cooking oil from catering premises as an animal-feed, as an ingredient in animal-feed or who consigns their waste cooking oil to such animal feed operations commits an offence. Defra`s Used Cooking Oil Disposal Leaflet


Former foodstuffs are described in Article 6(1)(f) of the Animal By- Products Regulation as 'former foodstuffs of animal origin, or former foodstuffs containing products of animal origin, other than catering waste, which are no longer intended for human consumption for commercial reasons or due to problems of manufacturing or packaging defects or other defects which do not present any risk to humans or animals'. Defra`s Former Food Stuffs Disposal Leaflet